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Africa, Guru Geri's second love

Clear, Europe is my home continent and my first love, but Africa is second, particularly south of the Sahara. After I have been first time in Africa, 1983 in Egypt, I felt at home and enjoyed the strange environment and culture as well as challenges. Already as secondary school pupil, 16 years old,  I was working in a Brot für die Welt youth group in East Frisia on the topic if "Hunger in Africa - the case of Oromoland in Ethiopia". It was to heavy for me, I left the group. After 40 years I went to Ethiopia as GIZ expert to solve hunger problem, as part of the BMZ special initiative "OneWorld - NoHunger". I saw the continent is crashing and close to the collapse. But I like and love it. The people, the wilderness, the culture, the history and at least my personal experiences. If I would have been born 200 years ago, I would have been a colonialist in Namibia or South Africa, a good one.

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